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Something based on an article I saw in the new republic, questioning whether alcohol is behind the great American novel
Heres something I recently finished (?), inspired by radiolabs segment on Fritz Haber. Some things from that show just stick in your head
An illustration I recently did for this month’s Men’s Journal. The article “Fly-Fishing Confidential” chronicles a Montana river guides experience with two literary legends. Thanks to AD Eric Paul.
something blue
Heres an illustration you can find in the newest Men’s Journal. The article title “Escaping the Storm” is written by John Franklin Riggs about his 5 hour swim through jellyfish infested waters to save his family when their boat flipped in the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks to AD Eric Paul.
Small illustration for the DIY Tech section of the latest Popular Mechanics. The article title “Creating In the Cloud” as about collaborative work across different cloud services.  The colors changed quite a bit in the final stages but this was my favorite. Thanks to AD Scott Wells for the assignment.
Something from the other night.  Messing around with random shapes
My apologies for the lack of posts, here’s something I’ve been fiddling with off and on between other things
hello new followers, something for you
something about the looming bird flu doom
A fleshed out sketch from awhile ago
Just testing some things.  This is me if hats fit my head and I could grow a cool stache.
Here’s a personal project that has to do with horse racing.